Hey Team!

We're preparing for a very special in-restaurant event coming up on Tuesday, July 9th from open - 7pm. This will be Fulton Street's second year celebrating...COW APPRECIATION DAY!!!

Friends, get your spots ready, because it's time to celebrate the cows!

This will be the 15th year the company has put on this event, and over 2,200 restaurants and 1.8 million guests have participated!

So, what is Cow Appreciation Day?

This is a day where CFA restaurant's nationwide offer a FREE ENTREE (excluding salads & mobile orders) to guests who visit the restaurant dressed in cow attire. These guests could be utterly decked out in "head-to-hoof" cow ensemble or could simply be wearing a cow spotted accessory.

We're thrilled to bring this event back to our restaurant and want you to join in!

Come decked out in all of your spots or cow accessories and join in on the fun! The best dressed team member of the day will win 10 free dessert DOCs and a small catering tray of your choice! We'll vote at the end of the day, and the winner will be announced later in the week!

Now before you go crazy, please look at the guidelines below!


  • Wear ALL the cow spots you can find

  • Think outside of the box and get creative with your costume

  • Wear your uniform pants, non-slip shoes and name tag (if you don't have them you can't clock-in)!


  • Wear items that could fall into guests' food

  • Wear udders, tails or other items that will get in the way during our busy lunch rush

  • Wear crop-tops, tank tops, low backs, or any other clothing that would look unprofessional in the restaurant and take away from our guests experience

Now that we’ve covered that info, here’s the last bit of info you need to know!

  • Front of house team members - Please use the "Promo Free" key on the POS when redeeming a Cow Appreciation Day food reward for participating guests!

  • As mentioned before, we'll probably see it all when it comes to our guests' costumes. Some guests will be all decked out and some will be a stretch. When in doubt if a guest is "cow like" enough, please always err on the side of accepting their costume and giving them their entree of choice.

That was a lot of info, so please feel free to ask us if you have any questions or concerns before the 9th! We’re looking forward to another great year of celebrating the cows!