Below are listed all the requirements for Team Members when they show up for a shift at Fulton Street. TMs must present a professional appearance (neat, clean and well-groomed) at all times. This includes entering or leaving the Restaurant, taking out trash and going to restrooms.

**After these requirements, you’ll find the list of actions our leadership will be taking if TMs show up to shifts not in proper uniform or appearance**

Fulton Street Uniform Policy

(Listed in order from top of head down to feet…)

-Hairnet or CFA Hat only

-Any color Durag (Under a CFA Hat ONLY)

-Hair must be pulled back and off shoulders (All hair must be in a hairnet, Clock-n with a hairnet on)

-Hair must be natural hair color (A color that can naturally be grown by a human being)  

-Two earrings may be worn in the lobe of the ear only (No hoop earrings, Studded only)

-Male employees must be cleanly shaven every day. Only a neatly trimmed 1/2” mustache is permitted (Only exceptions are for religious specification and are required to be under beard-net)

-No other jewelry may be worn other than a plain wedding band or Necklace tucked into the shirt. Body modifications visible to Guests (for example, extended earlobes, ear gauges/plugs or any piercings other than traditional ear piercings) are not acceptable. Dental modifications (for example, decorative dental grills, dental tattoos) must not be visible.

-Fingernails must not exceed the tips of fingers (no False nails/gems and must be solid color) This is not a “preference” issue…this is a FOOD SAFETY issue**

-Must wear a solid red TM polo

-(FOH trainers may wear solid blue polo)

-(BOH trainers may wear solid blue polo)   

-(FOH and BOH Leads may wear Black polo)

-(BTR Team Red TM Polo)

-Undershirt must be solid white, or black. Sleeves must not be seen beyond the TM polo (Optional)

-FOH TM polos should be tucked in at all times

-Oobe belt must be worn at all times

-Black or Grey Oobe pants

-Solid black, gray, navy blue socks only

-All black, non-slip shoes should be worn at all times

Accountability for Uniforms:


-Must remove or wear CFA hat over. Documented

Incorrect Hair Color:

-TM will be sent home for the day and can return to work once resolved. Documented

Incorrect jewelry:

-TM will remove all jewelry outside the boundaries before being clocked in (Turn around/ Bandage cover) Documented

Facial hair:

-TM must go buy a razor and shave before being clocked in or be sent home. Documented

No nametag?

-Borrow Temp nametag for the day. Documented

Incorrect Fingernails:

-TM must be sent home if too long or if nails are fake. Documented

Incorrect Shirt:

-TM can rent a polo for the day and be charged $5 or be sent home. Documented

Incorrect undershirt:

-TM must remove incorrect undershirt before being clocked in.

No/incorrect belt:

-TM May rent a belt for the day and be charged $5 or be sent home. Documented  

Incorrect pants:

-TM May rent a pair of pants for the day and be charged $5 or be sent home. Documented  

Incorrect socks:

-TM may buy a pair of socks and be charged $5 or be sent home. Documented  

Incorrect shoes:

-TM may NOT work without non-slip shoes. Must be sent home. Documented

Documentation means that the infraction is recorded…it does NOT necessarily become a Write-Up unless there is a poor attitude about the correction or if it has been a pattern with the TM. 


*All rentals are first come first serve and must be returned at the end of each shift.*

*If there are no rentals available, TM must be sent home and will forfeit hours for the day*

Please discuss any questions you have about this with a director.