Below are listed all the requirements for Team Members when they show up for a shift at Fulton Street. TMs must present a professional appearance (neat, clean and well-groomed) at all times. This includes entering or leaving the Restaurant, taking out trash and going to restrooms.

**After these requirements, you’ll find the list of actions our leadership will be taking if TMs show up to shifts not in proper uniform or appearance**


  • All uniform items must be from the Chick‑fil‑A TeamStyle™ collection. This includes belts, caps, aprons, outerwear and special uniform options.

  • All garments should be clean, pressed and in good condition (with no holes, fraying, stains, discoloration, etc.) and should fit properly.


  • Polo shirts should have at least 2 buttons fastened. On other shirts, all buttons except top button should be fastened.

  • All male shirts (except chef coats) must be tucked in.

  • Female polo shirts must be tucked in. At Operator's discretion, other female shirts may be untucked. (Maternity tops are never tucked in.)

  • TeamStyle offers a black, long-sleeved performance T-shirt that can be worn instead of undershirt. TeamStyle also offers performance sleeves.

  • TeamStyle vests and sweaters are also available to wear over button-front shirts.


  • Chick‑fil‑A brand nametag must be worn at all times. Other miscellaneous pins, buttons, stickers and/or ribbons may not be worn on the uniform or affixed to the nametag.

  • Nametag must be on outermost garment, on Team Member’s right chest. Nametag should be positioned using name tag eyelets when present. If wearing an apron that is not considered part of the uniform (for example, raw chicken apron or dishwashing apron), nametag should not be placed on apron.

  • Nametag contents:

    • Team Member’s first name must appear on first line of nametag.

    • At Operator’s discretion, last names may also be used.

    • At Operator’s discretion, second line of nametag may have title or years of service.

Pants, Skirts and Belts


  • Pants must fit properly. They should not be too tight or too baggy.

  • Pants must be hemmed to fall at midpoint of heel. Cuffed pants are not acceptable.


  • TeamStyle skirts should be no shorter than mid-knee.


  • Black TeamStyle belts must be trimmed so that end does not hang below belt line.

  • Colored belts should not be trimmed.


  • Team Members must wear black, navy or gray socks (to complement pants), TeamStyle socks, black hose or flesh-toned hose.

  • Shoes must be constructed of leather or non-cloth, man-made uppers with slip-resistant rubber soles (for example, Shoes for Crews™) with closed heels and toes.

  • Shoes should be solid black (or colored Shoes for Crews from the approved Chick-fil-A collection).

  • Shoes must fit properly with laces tied, unless limited by temporary medical conditions requiring corrective orthopedic devices (due to broken bones, surgeries, etc.).


  • Chick‑fil‑A TeamStyle caps/visors may be worn at Operator’s discretion or in order to comply with local Health Department requirements. (Head scarves, durags, and wavecaps are NOT CFA approved headwear)

  • Chef hat should only be worn with chef coat.

  • Caps/visors must be clean and have no visible stains or discoloration.

  • Caps/visors should be worn with the bill facing directly forward and above the eyebrows so that eyes are clearly visible under brim of cap.

Personal Hygiene

Good personal hygiene is expected of Team Members when they report for work (for example, clean-shaven, bathed and with appropriate application of body deodorant).

Hair and Facial Hair

  • Hair must comply with local Health Department requirements.

  • Hair must be clean and hairstyles must be neat and professional in appearance.

    • Effective hair restraints (for example, hair accessories, hats, visors, hair nets, Chick-fil-A chef hats) must be worn to hold back any loose hair that could potentially fall into food.

    • Hair that falls around face must be tied back and restrained using a hair accessory that has no jeweled or beaded parts that could come loose.

    • Natural hair coloring is acceptable. Unnatural colors (for example, pink or blue) and eccentric styles (for example, Mohawks or shaven words, symbols, logos, etc.) are unacceptable.

  • Facial hair is unacceptable with the exception of a neatly trimmed mustache up to ½-inch in length.

  • Sideburns must be trimmed to no longer than bottom of earlobe and must be a consistent width, from top to bottom.


Fingernails must comply with local Health Department requirements.

  • Fingernails must not extend beyond fingertips when viewed from the open palm.

  • False fingernails are not allowed in Restaurant.

  • Fingernail gems must not be worn.

  • Fingernail polish must not be worn in food prep areas; it is only acceptable in Guest service areas.

  • Fingernail polish must be a solid color (no glitter or metallic colors) and must be worn in good taste so as not to be distracting to Guests.


  • Jewelry (including medical alert jewelry) must be modest in size to help prevent the cross-contamination of food.

  • Necklace must be tucked inside clothing to avoid being a safety hazard.

  • Jewelry worn in guest service areas must not be distracting to Guests (for example, it should be small in size, no neon colors, no attached decoration).

  • Earrings worn in the Restaurant must be limited to no more than 2 plain stud earrings per ear, worn only in the earlobe. There should be no attached decoration or gemstones and no dangling or hoop earrings.

  • Jewelry in pierced body parts visible to Guests (other than earlobes) is unacceptable.

Wristwatches and/or Medical Alert Bracelets

  • Wristwatches/medical alert bracelets must be conservative in size and appearance, and they must not be worn in food prep areas. (Medical alert bracelet may be kept in pocket during food preparation.)

  • Wristwatches must not have attached decoration or gemstones that could come loose.

  • Any bracelets or wristbands other than wristwatches or medical alert bracelets (for example, rubber or string) may not be worn in the Restaurant.


  • Rings must be limited to a plain band without gemstones (such as a wedding band).

  • Rings, when worn in food prep areas, must be worn with gloved hands to avoid food contamination or catching on equipment.

Tattoos and General Appearance

If Operator allows visible tattoos at the Restaurant:

  • Tattoos must not be visible on face or neck.

  • Visible tattoos must not contain profanity, be racially offensive, sexually explicit, violent, vulgar or otherwise offensive to other Team Members and Guests.

  • Tattoos that do not meet requirements above can be covered by approved TeamStyle uniform items (for example, long-sleeved polo or performance sleeve) and/or with waterproof makeup.

Makeup, perfume and cologne must be subdued and worn in good taste so as not to be distracting to Guests.

Body modifications visible to Guests (for example, extended earlobes, ear gauges/plugs or any piercings other than traditional ear piercings) are not acceptable.

Dental modifications (for example, decorative dental grills, dental tattoos) must not be visible; orthodontic braces and bands must be in neutral colors.

Please discuss any questions you have about this with your director.

Disciplinary Actions for TMs not in Proper Uniform or Appearance

1st offense: TM shows up not in proper uniform or appearance, they don’t get to work. Documented and sent home.

2nd offense in a month: Food privilege taken away for a week + sent home.

3rd offense in a month: Suspended for a week no pay + loss of food privileges for month + sent home that day.

4th offense in a month: Termination of employment