Beginning next Monday, 7/30, we will be partnering with the delivery service Door Dash to bring food to our guests wherever they are! This is a very exciting partnership, but we need your help to make it a success.

In order to ensure food quality once the food has left the restaurant, there are some important things that both us and Door Dash have agreed to. Here's what's required for EVERY Door Dash order:

1. Hot coffee and ice dream are not included in any door dash orders. Milkshakes can be ordered, but must be served with a flat lid and no whipped cream or cherry

2. Hot and cold food must be packaged separately and served dine-ready with any utensils and condiments needed

3. Every bag must be folded and sealed with a delivery seal after confirming order with Dasher.

There are also specifications for tendering the order:

1. Guest’s DoorDash order is automatically sent to the Deferred Order Queue just like a Chick-fil-A One order.

2. Dasher arrives at the counter and tells the Team Member: “Hi, I have a DoorDash order for (customer name).” Dashers are asked to carry a branded, insulated bag to help with identification.

3. Team Member recalls the order from the Mobile Deferred Order Queue, which will show up as “DD-(customer name)” on the POS. Please make sure you always use the recall button, NOT the “release” button. 

4. Team Member confirms the order, tenders as “To be Collected” and chooses DoorDash. This releases the order to the mobile KPS and signals the kitchen team to prepare the order.

5. Team Member verifies every part of the order with Dasher, then seals the bag with a delivery seal.

Please let Andrea or your shift leader know if you have any questions about this process.